Download Free movies Games software with kickass torrent

Within the internet you can find a lot of films, games and software. A large number of people want to down load these but don’t know how to download these.
Why can your buddies down load the latest movies and games, and why cannot you do that?
A large number of people think downloading a show for example can simply be achieved by keying the name of the movie into Google kickass torrent, click on the first reach Google finds and click on the ‘download this movie’ button and a couple of hours later the movie can be watched in the living room.

In fact the reality is somewhat different. Downloading movies, games and software is quite simple and can be required for several ways but it’s as easy as I said above.

Just how can I download films, games and software?

You can download movies, game titles and software in several ways. A very frequently used way is to download these using ‘Torrents’ or using ‘Newsgroups’.
My spouse and i want to help you how to download using Torrents.

I think it is less interesting for you ways torrents or newsgroups work if you need to download movies, games or software so in retrospection I only describe How you can download.

Now let me personally describe to you how to download via Ruisseau:

The first thing you need to do, is ask yourself: What do I would like to download?
Intended for example: a Lord of the Rings movie.

Alright, you really know what you want? Good.

Now you have to find a bit-torrent to download a ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie.

There are several websites where you can find torrents. I will recommend you a few bit-torrent sites which are incredibly good torrent sites.

In my example I will illustrate how to download a torrent via

Move to kickass torrents download and type in the search area ‘Lord of the Rings’ and click on the ‘torrent’ button.

kickass torrent

Now scroll to see what kickass torrent sees on ‘Lord of the Rings’.

These are the results of your search query. The files you here are ‘. torrent’ files. These files have to be imported in a BitTorrent client. Permit me discuss the BitTorrent client later, don’t be concerned.

Well now, you see 7 columns, namely:

Bittorrent Name: the torrent.
Category: What kind of . torrent is it. Is it a show, a game, music or a credit application.
Size: This is the size of the full file when it is completely downloaded.
Files: how many records are going to be downloaded with this . torrent.
S: how many seeders are available. So, who seed a part of the complete file.
Deb: Downloaders. How many downloaders does this file have.
Health: this is the health of the document. The more green it is, the better. Thus you should get the files which can be having the best health status kickass torrent.

In the event you point your mouse button for a few mere seconds on a filename there is a balloon shown as shown in the picture above which says you the complete Filename.

Choose which files you will definitely download. For example if you are looking for the movie ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ of ‘Lord of the Rings’ three set, you search for a filename which says ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ in it AND you find out with a good Health status.

At the time you found a good file you click on the filename.

Here you can see some details about the torrent file. You can read them if you want.
The next thing you need to do is to download this torrent file to your computer.

Click the ‘Download’ button.

Here you can download the torrent. I actually recommend to download the torrent from the ‘Primary’ site.

Now you are being taken to the website you have chosen or where ever the torrent is found, OR you simply get a pop-up window to store the torrent file to your personal computer.

Here you save the file to your computer. For example in your torrents folder in M: \my torrents kickass torrent.

Okay, now you have your bittorrent file. Can you watch film production company already?
The answer is: ZERO weight loss.

What you have done is merely getting the torrent. And this torrent files WILL down load your requested movie, game or software (in my example, the movie ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’. )

So what on earth are we heading to do now?

Right now we desire a program where we can import this torrent file and down load the movie.

Such an application is called a BitTorrent customer.